Friday, October 28, 2011

Chetco living up to its reputation as world-class

CHETCO RIVER, Ore.—The first 50-pound king of the season was caught trolling the estuary, along with a 47 pounder and a number of 40 pounders, according to guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. The main river doesn't open until Nov. 5. Expect the kings to pour into the main river regardless of the date, you just can't fish for them in the main river until Nov. 5.  Fishing Report October 28, 2010.

Chetco River 47-pound chinook salmon.
Chetco producing big kings

By Steven Theel
10/21/11 -- The Chetco River in southern Oregon is known for its large fall salmon. It seems that almost every year it produces at least one king over 50lbs, and several others that are just shy. This year it’s already living up to its reputation, and the season is just beginning.

Guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing caught one of those big fall salmon this past Tuesday. His clients fish weighed in at 47 lbs, and took 45 minutes to land. “We had to follow it from the Coast Guard Station to almost the Highway 101 bridge. He grabbed a whole green-label herring, and took 110 feet of line (according to the reel counter) on its first run!”