Map #1 represents the existing corridor of the National Wild and Scenic Chetco River outside the Kalmiopsis Wilderness as it was designated in 1988. This is the area that's subject to the Chetco River Protection Act. When interpreting the map note that:
  • The Chetco River Protection Act does not change the boundaries or access to the river. 
  • The Act does not affect private land within or adjacent to the boundaries.
  • The BLM's temporary and proposed mineral withdrawal does not affect any private land. 
  • All valid existing rights within the corridor are protected. 
  • Its withdrawal provisions on affect National Forest land and are subject to valid existing rights.
Map #1 -  Prepared by the USDA Forest Service at the Request of Senator Wyden showing the boundaries of the existing National Wild and Scenic River corridor as it was designated in 1988. 

Map #2 - Chetco River Mining and Explorations map of their existing mining claims from the Plan of Operations for Gold #11.  Important note - all of the mining claims shown on this map were forfeited in late 2011 and no longer exist. No further action will be taken on the eight plans of operations that were submitted to mine the eight of the nine claims.

Map #3 - America's Wild Rivers Coast and the Kalmiopsis Wildlands with location of the mining claims on the National Wild and Scenic Chetcco River and the private inholding on the Little Chetco River in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.