Friday, February 10, 2012

SONCC Coho Recovery Plan comment period extended

NOAA Fisheries announced they've extended the comment period for the South Oregon Northern California Coast Coho Draft Recovery Plan another 60 days. The new deadline for comments is May 4, 2012.  For links to the plan and specific chapters for the Elk, Chetco and Smith River click here. For the official notice of comment period extension and where to send your comments click here.

Chetco River Revisited: A rare glimpse of a wild river

Senators Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley and Representative Peter DeFazio introduced the Chetco River Protection Act in 2011. It's based on recommendations the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest made to Congress in 1993.  One of the recommendations is to reclassify two miles of the Wild and Scenic Chetco River from "Scenic" to "Wild."

Get a  unique preview of this beautiful, seldom seen stretch river between Boulder and Mislatnah Creek as Allen Wilson, Tim Palmer, Ann Vileisis and Oregon Field Guide go against the flow in an up river journey on, "Chetco River Revisited."