Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Community Treasure

Brookings/Harbor at the mouth of the Chetco on Oregon's Wild Rivers Coast.
Not only is the Chetco River one of America's great outdoor places and a natural treasure, it's a key natural economic asset for Curry County and for the communities of Brookings and Harbor.

The Chetco provides:
  • Exceptionally clean drinking water for Brookings and Harbor; 
  • Habitat for salmon and steelhead that provide a crucial sport fishery that many local people build their livelihoods and businesses around 
  • Unparalleled recreation for local residents 
  • Needed gravel for local construction and roads 
The river support the well-being of local people in the community in many ways.

The proposals to mine the Chetco would benefit few and places at risk the irreplaceable values, belonging to all.